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Flat Wheel Spacer Bands or Wave Spacer Bands.

1,Size: 15x3" to 22 x4.5"

2,Width: 76.2 to 114.3 mm

3,Type:Channel ,Corrugated (Flat, Wave)

4,Thickness: 3,5 to 4.5 mm

5, Inner Dia: 344.88 to 522.68 mm


Spacer bands are available in either flat channel or corrugated channel

Types are in 15" or 22" sizes.

When fitting twin tires onto each side of axle, spacer bands are required to be fitted between the demountable rims to provide the recommended minimum spacing for each tire & rim combination. The correct spacer band will ensure that there is sufficient tire clearance between the twin tires.



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