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Glad hand

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1.Aluminum Gladhands
2.Anodized Gladhands
3.Glad Hand Shut off, Knob Style
4.Service (Blue) Glad Hand
5.Universal Gladhand

Emergency (Red) Glad Hand/Service (Blue) Glad Hand
Glad Hand Shut off, Knob Style

Universal Gladhand - Aluminum

Emergency Gladhand - Aluminum

Service Gladhand - Aluminum

Glad-Grip Aircoil Handles (1 Red / 1 Blue)

HEX-Grip Aircoil Handles (1 Red / 1 Blue)

Supreme Universal Gladhand - Black

Supreme Emergency Gladhand - Red

Corrosion Resistant Features:
• Anodized Aluminum Cast Body
• Stainless Steel Clamp and Hardware
• Plated Striker Plate
• Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Screen
• 101119- series polyurethane wide lipped seals for added durability

(1) Material : cast iron, Aluminium

(2) With black rubber seal into it to reinforce the safety of the air brake system, easy to use and fix .

(3) Connecting  the air brake system of  heavy trucks ,semi-trailers ,full trailers ,tractors and so on

(4) Available Size : M22*1.5 ,M16*1.5 ,1/2 BSP, we offer OEM service.

(5) Alailable thread : BSP,NPT,DIN,JIC etc.



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